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I am your marketing consultant.

Towards online visibility!

Rik Derks

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Your website is your online business card.

The world is in a transition in which online communication plays a major role. For this reason alone you want to ensure that your company becomes visible online, and remains.

Stay visible online through a strategy.

There are several online marketing assets to name. The organization's website is one of them, along with all of the organization's social media channels, images, audio, video, and blogs. You can think of it as your own online assets. Many entrepreneurs experience the problem of finding a balance in this. 

Which channels can I use, and why? 
What kind of content is relevant to my target audience?

Vision on the use of online marketing assets:

Become visible online
Having assets
Be visible online
Use of assets
Stay online visible
Use of relevant assets based on strategy

Different types of marketing tools

Every company can use marketing tools. The choice of your tools depends on the objectives of the company. I can help you make use of the right tools and how to use them.


By using social channels and marketing assets you will become online visible

By maintaining and posting relevant content you are visible

By working with a strategy you will remain Online visible. Working with a strategy creates a clear picture of where we are now, and where we want to go, it ensures consistency in your company, interaction with your follower, with an underlying idea.

Get to know me better

I am an enthusiastic, inquisitive and social person. Born and raised in a small city named Vroomshoop, Overijssel, and currently living in Zwolle where I study marketing economics at the Windesheim University.

In 2016 I was allowed to work as an intern and within the foreseeable future I was hired as an employee at entrepreneur Thomas Kolling. Thomas taught me sales and gave me the opportunity to learn everything about online marketing. During my work I came into contact with other entrepreneurs and heard their adventurous stories with successes, but also the pitfalls and failures. This is where my passion for sales, marketing and communication started to grow.

Then my choice for my second study fell on commercial economics, and I felt completely at home here. Through all the experiences, conversations and choice of study I soon discovered that entrepreneurs use online marketing tools, but often without a (clear) strategy. It is also common that an entrepreneur chooses to work with different parties, and also to do something himself, "wasting" time on a website for example. 

As a result, the idea has grown to assist entrepreneurs, take the worries of online marketing and website realization off your hands and so that I can supply or present data and reports. Information that counts for the entrepreneur, in order to make strategic choices from there.

This allows the entrepreneur to do what he or she is good at and the entrepreneur can turn to one contact person, resulting in clear communication and no wasted time.

My method is therefore anything but formal. I am approachable, open and reliable.

Because I have been active in sales and marketing since 2016, I took the step in August 2020 to start a consulting business and help entrepreneurs to online visibility! Hence my motto: ''Towards online visibility''.

Rik Derks


For an optimal user experience for the visitor and sustainability of the website, I use the latest software and programs. This way I know for sure that there is simply nothing better! 


For webshops with a large assortment, it can be very time-consuming to manually create advertisements on third sales channels. I offer the possibility to transfer products from the back-end to third sales channels through ”feed management” by Channable.